Organic Meal Plans

The plan consists of 3 meals, 2 snacks + more, 5 days a week.  Your morning will start off with an organic green smoothie or cold-pressed juice to help jump start your day and kick that caffeine habit.  Follow that up with a light snack such as our famous organic coconut yogurt or organic chia pudding.  Lunch time calls for a refreshing organic salad bowl to help power through your work day without a crash.  Whether you eat this at your desk or on-the-go, feel free to pair it with as many fresh fruits and veggies as you like!  Another mid-afternoon snack will keep you full until dinner.  Finally, a filling dinner of one of our favorites or something new entirely will finish off your day right.

This plan is designed to keep you full and satisfied all day with the right balance of good fats, protein, and complex carbohydrates.  We don’t believe in counting calories because when you fuel your body with whole foods.

Participants on our meal plans have benefited from weight loss, increased energy, and decreased caffeine and sugar cravings.  Health coaching, workout partners, and meal delivery are all tools to achieve your goals.  Plans can be purchased weekly and picked up or delivered every two days. 

Welcome to our community!


How it works: This is a tried true and tested plan.  As a result, no skipping meals, substitutions, and/or cashing in with meals at the end of the week.  You must pick up every other day (Monday/Wednesday/Friday).  If you cannot pick up a certain day, you may gift your day's worth of food to someone else or we will donate to the homeless in Rittenhouse Square.  You may also opt-in for delivery, for an additional charge of $10/delivery (Center City only). Meal plans go from Monday-Friday.  Please sign up by Friday to start on a Monday (continues every week).


1 Day - $60

3 Days - $180

5 Days - $300

2 Weeks (10 Days) - $600

1 Month (20 Days) - $1,200

Weekends (add 2 days) available at an additional cost.

How to start:

Give us a call at 215.985.1706 and we'll schedule a consult.  We'll discuss your goals and set a game plan.