Is your menu 100% vegan?

P.S. & Co. is 100% vegan (plant-based, plant-strong, dairy free, meat free, egg free), therefore void of saturated animal fats and cholesterol.  We love animals too much to harm them.

We also avoid fake meat products.  Alternative meat products use highly processed, unhealthful forms of soy known as soy-protein isolates.  These processed products also contain hard to digest gums and binders.  These ingredients may be vegan, but in our opinion, not the best for your health.

How are you able to source 100% organic?  Seems impossible.

It is not easy.  Our goal is to serve the best product to you.  Produce changes with mother nature and organics is an even smaller slice of the pie, which is why you may see variations among our ingredients.  If we cannot source organically, we will not use a conventional alternative. That menu item may be on hiatus until that particular organic ingredient becomes available again. 


We source our organic produce from our favorite local distributor, Lancaster Farm Fresh first, and any ingredients we cannot source seasonally comes through Baldor Specialty Foods and/or Four Seasons Produce.  Our dry goods are sourced separately from the best vendors we find, which is approximately a list of 60 + vendors.  We prepare all of our menu items fresh daily.  Fresh food has no shelf life.  As a result, we recommend you consume our to-go items the same or next day at most.   We add no preservatives or short-cuts to our preparation.

P.S. & Co. stands apart from the rest who promise to be "committed to using organic, seasonal, and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible."  We do not believe that is good enough.  Company statements like this require zero accountability.  You are expecting that promise to be delivered while paying a premium.  This is why we commit to 100% organic standards.  It keeps us accountable, in order to keep our promise to you.

Does P.S. & Co. have any GMO ingredients?

Because we are 100% organic, there are zero GMOs.  Just because a label flashes "non-gmo" does NOT mean that product is also organic.  Organic is the lack of use of pesticides; non-gmo is referring to genetically modified engineering. 

You used to be 100% gluten-free, why not anymore?

We listen to our guests and very few guests coming through are Celiac.  The majority are gluten intolerant and looking for gluten-free options, not a gluten-free kitchen.  As a result, in order to expand our menu to make more people happy, we will be including handmade pastas and breads that may have 100% organic, heirloom wheat.  Most of our products will remain gluten-free, but we will be adding gluten options on occasion.

P.S. & Co. is certified kosher parve, too?

Through the supervision of IKC - Rabbi Zev Schwarz, we are certified kosher parve.

Is P.S. & Co. safe for nut allergies?

We are not safe for those with severe nut allergies.  We offer a few nut free options, but we use organic, raw nuts freely throughout our kitchen.  P.S. & Co. is not a nut-free environment.

Why do you bottle in glass?

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.  As long as guests continue to buy glass, we'll continue to bottle as such.  We have a $1 credit policy for each glass bottle you return, anytime. 

Do you deliver?

We offer delivery through our trusted partner, CAVIAR.  We will be offering an in-house meal delivery service in the future. 

How about reservations?

We are always happy to take reservations through the RESERVE website or give us a call at 215.985.1706.  Please let us know if your reservation is for a special event, if there are any dietary allergies and if you party will include children. 

How can we contact someone at P.S. & Co.?

For immediate assistance, please call us at 215.985.1706.  For all general inquiries and all press inquiries, please email info@puresweets.com.  

Will P.S. & Co. provide any nutritional information?

Due to the changing nature of our menu, we are unable to create nutritional profiles with each new dish.  We just don't have the manpower to do so. 
We do not believe in counting calories or fat.  By eating whole, plant-based ingredients, you'll never have to count another calorie.  P.S. & Co. has thoughtfully created a menu in which plates and beverages are at a grater ratio of protein, healthy fats and nutrients than complex carbohydrates, unrefined sugar, salt and anti-inflammatory oils.  


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