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We Are What We Eat

"Eat food, not too much, mostly plants”-Michael Pollan 

Here at P.S. & Co. we promise to always be 100% vegan, organic, and gluten free. This means no animal products, no GMO’s, no concerning chemicals, and no inflammatory wheat proteins. We are often asked, “Why so many restrictions?” At P.S. we don’t see these labels as restrictions at all. As a matter of fact, we see them as liberations. When you walk through our doors you don’t have to ask yourself “what am I eating?” or “where was this made?” or even “is this healthy?” Everything sold in the shop is made in the shop, right down to our nut milks and flours! Still wondering why we do things the way we do? Let’s get down to it: 

Why Vegan?

Vegan means no animal products whatsoever. No meat, no dairy, no eggs. There are so many reasons to commit to a vegan lifestyle! Whether you do it for the environment, the animals, or your health we are here for it. Going vegan seriously cuts back on your environmental impact. From water and electricity usage to methane and other greenhouse gas emissions, the factory farming industry does a number on the health of our planet. Some statistics suggest that if everyone in the U.S. went vegan for just one day we could save 70 million gallons of gas1. Just a little food for thought.

Going vegan is also about compassion. It is a pledge to leave living beings off your plate. It is a common misconception that the dairy and egg industries are cruelty free while the meat industry is the only source of pain and suffering for animals. It is a fact that 9 Billion land animals are slaughtered each year in the U.S. for food2. Going vegan reduces suffering and is a huge step towards living a cruelty free life. For more info on how the meat, dairy, and egg industries contribute to animal suffering visit Mercy For Animals online3. For cute pictures and videos of rescued farm animals living the lives they were meant to, visit Farm Sanctuary’s website4.

Finally, a vegan diet is about your health! Eating a clean, whole foods, plant based diet has been shown to not only contribute to longevity and disease prevention but also to disease reversal and management. The food at P.S. & Co is not only plant based but designed to help you achieve and maintain your wellness goals. Our salads, sandwiches, and smoothies are full of fiber, protein, and good fats. At P.S. we believe dining out doesn’t have to mean sacrificing health for taste! Our foods are decadent while also being nutrient dense. Even our cakes can be considered heath food! Whether you are eating to prevent cardiovascular disease or support a healthy metabolism, we have got you covered. There are so many sources for further reading on this subject, from Whole, by T. Colin Campbell, to lighter reads like Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Diet. Stop in the shop, grab yourself a nourishing meal and a warm cup of tea and peruse our wide selection of literature! Can you think of a better way to spend an afternoon?

Why Organic?

Fresh organic produce is the base of every dish you find at P.S. & Co. We use local ingredient whenever possible and our menu changes based on seasonal availability. When you come here you never have to worry about where your food came from, or what it was treated with before it got to your plate. We care about you, the planet, and the people who grow and pick our food. Being organic means that every ingredient is grown and produced without pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides, and never genetically modified. The soil our fruits and veggies are grown in is free of sewage sludge. Growing food under these conditions results in a tastier and more nutritious product. Food grown organically have been shown to be far more nutrient dense than their conventionally grown counterparts. In one study organically grown food were shown to have 63 percent more calcium, 78 percent more chromium, 73 percent more iodine, 59 percent more iron, 138 percent more magnesium, 125 percent more potassium, 390 percent more selenium, and 60 percent more zinc5.  We refuse to compromise health for convenience. P.S. is the only 100% organic restaurant in Philadelphia and we are proud of it!

Why Gluten Free? 

Celiac sufferers rejoice! P.S. & Co. is 100% gluten free. Yes, even our cakes. Staying gluten free has allowed us to open our doors to those with gluten sensitivity, celiacs, and even severe arthritis. Gluten has been shown in studies to increase inflammation and potentially contribute to some chronic illnesses. Removing gluten ensures that our foods help to reduce inflammation in the joints and digestive tract rather than enhance it. Besides, if we can make incredible food without it, why not!


P.S. & Co lives by the motto, Let Food Be Thy Medicine. We promise to always provide you with food that is both delicious and nutritious.   





5. John Robbins, The Food Revolution (Berkeley, CA: Conari Press, 2001), p. 370

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    Carly Bulger
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